Emilys New Friend

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Emilys New Friend

*** This story is completely fictional

Emily is a 18 year old girl with long /blonde/">blonde hair, light blue eyes and a slim figure. The one thing she loved to do above everything was to receive sexual pleasure. She would do anything for an intense orgasm.

One day Emily wandered around the mall looking in the lingerie shops. She came across a nice pair of red lace /underwear/">underwear and a matching bra. She brought it, but while she was paying she got a look from a /brunette/hot-brunette/">hot brunette. They broke eye contact and Emily left. As she was walking into the next shop the hot /brunette/">brunette quickly skipped out of the shop. Before Emily left the shop attendant called her over. She gave Emily a folded note. The note read "Hey, i saw you checking me out. If your interested visit me at the below address." Emily glanced down and read the address. "Yeah why not." She said to herself.

A few nights later Emily was standing at the doorstep of her new friends apartment. The door quickly opened after she knocked. The hot brunette stood there in a dressing gown. "Oh I can't belive you came!" Emily grinned and walked inside. "My names Katy, what's yours?" "I'm Emily." "Well, Emily, I was just about to get in the shower, I'll quickly have one. Wait here!" Katy said. She ran off to the bathroom and the water started running. Emily walked into Katy's room. She opens a draw and instantly sees 3 different dildos. One strap on, one /vibrator/">vibrator and one large pink one. "Wow." Said Emily. She shuts the draw and walks out.

Down the stairs to the basement. She opens the door and gasps in shock. Multiple sex machines litter the room. Katy stands at the top of the stairs wearing a small t-shirt the wwwxxx and a pair of blue knickers. "Like 'em? Wanna try them?" She walks away and returns wearing nothing but the strap on. She gracefully skips down the steps and ushers Emily inside. "Want some fun?" Katy said. "Yes I do." Emily replyed. Katy pushes herself towards Emilys lips. Her tender lips are lovely to kiss. She pulls away and unbuttons Emilys shirt. Emily was wearing the /lingerie/red-lingerie/">red lingerie she brought the other day. Katy unzipped Emilys jeans and sniffed her pussy.

Katy pushed Emily back into a sex machine. She ties her into it so Emily cant move. She shoves a gag in her mouth. "Wanna be my little /whore/">whore Emily? Yeah you make a good little slut." Emily manages to let out a little wimper. Katy flicks on the machine and a dildo is thrusted into Emilys underwear. "Now we can't have that can we." Katy said. She removes the lace underwear and sits infront of Emily and begins shoving the wet undies up her vagina. It isn't long before Emilys undies and completely up Katy's vagina. "Mmmm oh yeah, how do you like your fucking Emily?" Katy stands up and puts the strap on back on. She goes behind Emily and thrusts it up Emilys ass.

Emily cries out wwwxxx because she hasn't had anything up her ass before. Emilys starts shuddering and she squirts everywhere! Katy bends down and licks it all up. She unties Katy and leads her upstairs. Katy jumps onto the bed and points to her pussy. Emily dives her face into Katy's /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Katy squeals in delight as Emily licks her pussy dry. Katy squirts all over Emilys face and boobs. They take turns giving each other orgasms all night and sleep together.