Two Girls and a Cab

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Two Girls and a Cab

After a night of rocking out to some tunes at the local trash and thrash my bff Sarah and I were feeling the Honey JD pretty good! All night in the mosh pit she was turning my crank, approaching me in her tight little miniskirt and high heeled goth boots, she's stick her tongue out and prompt me for mine. It was enough to make me cream in my panties right there!

I was so high after smoking a big joint with her outside the bar I couldn't help looking at her . (Weed makes me hot!) Her round butt cheeks were peeking out at me from the lower seam of that skirt. Then suddenly this bald tattooed dude comes along and starts his flirt with her, he had no regard for what I was trying to accomplish here! So I push my way past him, grab a hold of Sarah by the back of her neck and greedily place my mouth overs hers.

That tongue she teased me with all night darted past my lips to dance with my own. Hungrily we hold each other (Hold each other up more like it!) as we start to make out right there in front of the Tavern. She doesn't even bother to look at the dude as he walked off disappointed as fuck! I really don't care at this point! It's been so long since I tasted another woman's pussy that now I can almost taste her!

We flag down a cab to get back to our room when we practically fall into the back seat on top of each other, kissing and groping one another. The driver simply smiles and asks where to, to which we direct him to the hotel we got earlier in the night. With her firm little body aching for my touch I run my hand up to her already wet cunny. I move the aside and part those lips open. She moans as my fingers find real forced anal against her will that and I rub it gently as her head falls back ward in !

Her kissing becomes more aggressive as she whispers into my ear "Eat me baby!" A bit taken back I reply "What? Here???" She smiles a nod at me. I look over to the cab driver and I don't even hesitate! I position myself between her thighs and xnxxv sunny leone video watch that clit pop out at me as I begin to lick it.

The driver of course noticed but did nothing! I stick out my index finger and insert it inside her. Finding her G-spot as I suck on her pussy she made some heavenly noises saying "MMM! Oh FUCK YA! Eat me! Eat me!" I could feel my own nether regions pulsating so I take a moment to rub my own swollen clit. Just then she starts bucking around, "Ah there it is!" I proclaim as I can tell I found the spot.

She grabs my mohawk as I feel her muscles tighten around my fingers, she let's out a yelp "Ohhhhh Gawwwwwd!" As a wave of creamy gushing cum rides it's way out of her sweet hole. The driver is looking on as my companion blushes back at him. We are just in time as we arrive at the hotel. I go to pay the driver and he declines payment. I say "Thanks bud! To which he smiles "No! Thank you!"