Toys in the Attic Part 2

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Toys in the Attic Part 2

Part 2 of 10 Parts.

Part 2.

For some reason, Tim didn't refer to the incident or the /toys/">toys in the attic again that day or the next. While he worked getting the house in order under Diana's directions, he sometimes found her looking at him with a strange smile and he milf porn videos found himself blushing, guessing she was remembering how he had looked when he tried to come.

On Monday, they kissed goodbye and Tim drove off to his architect's office while Diana drove off to the school she taught at.

A few days later after Diana had cooked, they enjoyed a bottle of wine with their meal and Diana brought up the toys in the attic. 'What shall we do with them?' she casually asked. 'I can't see us donating the box to goodwill.'

'Why not leave them there?' Tim said.

'Why,' Diana asked with a sly smile,' do you want me to tie you up again?'

Tim blushed. 'I didn't say that...'

'You did enjoy it last time,' Diana pointed out, sipping her wine.

'It's not fair, I should get to tie you up!'

'No,' Diana said slowly, 'I don't think so. I'm always the helpless one; you're so much bigger and stronger. This is good role reversal so it is fair.'

'You're kidding!'

'It's just a bit of fun,' Diana said. 'We haven't made love since we moved in...'

'Whose fault is that? I wanted to do it this morning.'

'I don't like it rushed,' Diana said patiently. 'I think I should get to have an occasional orgasm, don't you?'

'What does that mean?' Tim demanded, face flushed.

'Take it how you want,' Diana said mildly, taking her plate to the kitchen.

'Are you saying you don't come when we make love?' Tim shouted after her.

'I think it says something that you don't know if I do or not,' she called from the kitchen. 'Tim,' she said slowly, standing in the doorway, 'you have to admit it is usually a little rushed. I like a slow build up, teasing and it takes time for me to peak.'

'Peak? You sound like a sex therapist,' he sneered.

'You've been to a sex therapist?' Diana asked, eyebrow raised and Tim flushed again.

'No, of course not, I just meant...'

'Of course, darling,' she soothed.

After a moment, Tim said slowly, 'why would tying me up help you com...peak?'

'I would dictate the pace and I would be in control. Don't you want me to have orgasms?'

'Of course I do.'

'Don't you want us to help each other have orgasms?'

'Of course I do.'

'What's the problem then?' Diana asked innocently. 'I helped you orgasm. Do you remember the attic?'

'Yes,' he said, face burning, 'I remember.'

'I thought you were /cute/">cute, pumping away like that, desperate to come,' she said with a small smile, eyes glittering. 'You were desperate, weren't you?'

'Yes,' he murmured, 'I suppose I was.'

'Well, what's the problem?' Diana said, kissing his forehead. 'Why don't you clear the table and wash up. I'll go upstairs and wait for you. When you're finished why don't you bring the toys from the attic into the bedroom?' Diana kissed his forehead again and walked jauntily away.

Tim did the dishes and walked to the attic, picked up the box and carried it in his arms to the bedroom. He had to admit, his cock was getting hard at the thought of sex.

His mouth gaped when he saw Diana, dressed in /red/sexy-red/">sexy red lace bra and panties with a suspender belt and sheer black stockings. Diana was a sexy woman and his cock grew hard at the sight of her. She had lit some candles and the room was bathed in a flickering sensuous light with a hint of some spice hanging in the air.

'Put the box there,' she said, stepping into her heels and pointing at the floor. 'And why don't you get undressed?' She smiled sexily and leaned back on the bed to watch.

Tim stripped his clothes off and Diana smiled at his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. 'I knew the idea of being tied up got you hard.'

'It's not,' he protested, 'it's how sexy you are...'

'Flatterer,' Diana smiled and pulled the cuffs from the box. 'Hands behind your back.'

Reluctantly, Tim did so and the cuffs were attached quickly and he realised he was once again powerless. Diana didn't wait, cuffed his ankles and, smiling, dropped a pillow on the floor. 'Kneel there, baby,' she murmured and he did, wondering what was in store for him.

He soon found out as Diana buckled a leather collar and around his throat and connected a thin lead to it. 'Up onto the bed,' she said with a jerk of the lead and a smile. Tim lay on the bed and Diana snuggled close, kissing his throat and chest before kissing him hungrily. The kissing went on and on, something that was new to Tim as he usually progressed from kissing to screwing pretty quickly.

However, this time, he couldn't do anything but kiss, each /kissing/hot-kiss/">hot kiss driving him even more /crazy/">crazy while his cock waved in the air.

Diana unsnapped her bra and pushed her breasts into his face. 'Kiss them gently, darling,' she murmured, 'worship them, lick a little...hmm...that's nice.'

'Kneel on the floor,' Diana whispered hoarsely, pulling on the lead and Tim did so as Diana stripped her panties off. Suddenly, Tim found his face being guided into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, her fingers pulling his head closer and closer. 'Kiss me, darling,' he heard her say and, almost hypnotised, he did and used his mouth.

Diana could not take much direct stimulation to her clit and guided Tim's tongue away from it and used her fingers to keep her outer labia enveloping her most sensitive zone, urging him to push against her, to use his nose against her pubic bone while using his tongue as she instructed in a throaty voice.

It seemed like it would never end, his jaw was aching and his mouth hurt but Diana seemed to be insatiable. Finally, much to his relief, he heard her groan, her hands pulled his face in and she rubbed frantically against him until she came with a rush.

As she lay back, her legs parted so Tim was staring at her open pussy, wet and slick from her juices and his saliva, he felt her nylon covered leg brush his cock; at first just a light touch and then another. It was too much for him and to his own immense disappointment he ejaculated wildly, his body shuddering as he came over her leg.

Diana sat up and looked at him, such a lewd sight, legs parted still, /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts hanging free and she appeared to be disappointed but Tim also sensed something else within her eyes, something like victory. 'You came?' she asked, a tinge of disbelief in her voice as she looked at her wet stocking.

'Yes,' he said miserably, 'it was...'

'You do like being tied up, don't you?' Diana said blowjob porn videos with a small victory smile.

'No, it was just...'

'You need some control, darling,' Diana said with a smile as she bent down, kissed his forehead before slipping her panties back on.
She slipped her bra on and blew out the candles. 'That was nice for me,' she said with a smile. 'Was it for you?'

'No! It was awful, I came and the sensation wasn't that good, there was no friction...'

'You could have rubbed against my leg,' Diana pointed out mildly as she put her robe on.

'But...' he stuttered.

'But what, darling?' she asked innocently, switching on the bedroom light and he blinked in the harsh light.

'But...I thought we would make love?' he said desperately and Diana frowned.

'I don't think I said that.'

Tim racked his brain, did she say that? 'But...'

Diana sighed. 'I doubt you'll be ready for a while, darling. I have to think of a way to control you so it's more enjoyable, so it lasts longer. Stand up so I can undo the cuffs.'

Wearily, he did, feeling stupid and without any control. It seemed that Diana had suddenly usurped the position of strength within the household. Her hands rested on the cuffs but instead of undoing them she suddenly asked, 'did you do the dishes?'

'Yes,' he mumbled.

'I hope you did a good job, not just guy clean.'

'I did a good job!' he snapped, pulling at the cuffs.

'That's good,' she soothed, undoing him and without a word, walked into the bathroom. In a moment, Tim heard the bath filling and he undid his ankles and collar, dropping them into the box.

This stupid box, he silently fumed, it's changed things! If her grandmother were alive today, I think I'd slug the /bitch/">bitch!