The Game First Time Sex Part 9 Isis Arrives

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The Game First Time Sex Part 9 Isis Arrives

Please read parts 1 through 8 to understand the story up to this point. Recapping the recent events in the last two stories, Donna's cousin, Donnie, and his parents are staying with her parents tomorrow night. Donna and Marcus along with Tonya and I are a close knit group and, to use traditional yucky language, are deeply in love with each other. Since Donnie was Donna's first fuck, they continued as childhood sweethearts for a number of years. Consequently, Donna predicts that it will be hard to resist if he wants to do it to her when he visits. Together, the four of us resigned that Donna is free to act out her desires with Donnie especially since she has no intention of changing her devotion to Marcus.

As I wake up Monday morning and reflect on the last three nights, I know that Tonya and I along with Donna and Marcus had another intensely sensational weekend with pleasures fit for a god. With Tonya and me as well as Donna and Marcus, no night is better than another. Each time I ease my dick into Tonya's pussy, it is as meaningful as the /first-time/">first time. Marcus and Donna say they have the same experience. Donna continues to innovate and change each detail of pleasure that arises as Marcus and she move through their /foreplay/">foreplay to fucking.

Tonya and I vary our techniques too so that each play is new and exciting. My Tonya seems to always find something new and never uses the same order of operations during foreplay. We enjoy each others' souls and before we move to our bodies. Granted, that transition from soul to body may be a very short time for a teenager, but I know our bond is not just physical.

The four of us seem to escape into our own /reality/">reality as soon as we get together. It's like we block out the world when we listen to music and lyrics, talk, and move through our endless quest for erotic perfection. We seem to reach a peak of infinite desires each time we are together. There are only tops of mountains and no valleys in our relationship with each other. I know my excitement never dwindled the first year and a half with Donna, and now with Tonya it continues to elevate my sensations and my desire to please her.

My father was called unexpectedly to go to Bangalore, also spelled Bengaluru. Since it's nearly a 24-hour flight, my mom took the week off and went with him. They will be back Sunday. They wanted me to go, but I told them that I would rather stay since Donna had friends coming to visit. Consequently, I have the house to myself for the entire week which works out great for the four of us. They know Marcus will be staying with me since we are on vacation from school.

Marcus arrives at my house early with his duffle bag full of his stuff for tonight. We had shredded wheat with blueberries and Silk almond "milk" and will probably be hungry again in an hour. Gawd damn health food. I think my mom and dad are wannabe hippies or something and just love this shit. Well, it isn't so /bad/">bad, but who wants to eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, and do the same things that their parents did 20 years ago? I may just buy a box of oatmeal and eat like my grandmother. I never had greasy eggs for breakfast, but I plan to someday too. Donna calls Marcus about 10 a.m.

Since Marcus' phone is so gawd damn loud, I hear Donna tell him, "I just got up."

"We just had breakfast," Marcus answers.

"What are you guys doing all day?" she asks.

"Playing games and watching a movie, I guess," he answers. "I am planning to wear you out tonight so that you will sleep through the next nights."

Tonya teases Marcus, "That wouldn't be fun. I don't want Donnie to take advantage of me while I am asleep. It's more fun if I'm awake."

"I think I will call you every 10 minutes until bedtime so he has no chance to fuck you," says Marcus.

"Now, I thought we settled that and you aren't going to be jealous. Anyway, just play like I'm outta town for the next two nights. Remember, we agreed not to talk about it," she reminds him.

"I know, but I'm gonna miss you," he admits somewhat pitifully.

"Well, you got me tonight, and added to last three nights along with my visit on Thursday, I think your dick could use the rest," she laughs.

"We'll see who needs a rest after tonight," he says.

Donna ends the conversation, "I'll call you guys this afternoon, but
Tonya and I will pick you guys up about the same time tonight."

"If I don't leave in protest," he says.

I raise my concern but instantly sense that Marcus is kidding. While everyone is trying to take Donnie's arrival lightly at this point, I confess to growing a bit skeptical. I am not so convinced with Marcus' display of cavalier attitude that he isn't being affected. He may be more worried than he lets on, so I watch my friend for any signs of emotion or changes in behavior stemming from Donnie's visit.

I have a strange, new, caring feeling for Marcus that developed over this past fall, and I feel somewhat protective of him now. Geezus, Donna hovers over him like a doe watching her fawn, and now I am watching over him, but he has shown plenty of mature defenses lately. Maybe my concern is unfounded. We have to accept Donnie's visit, and whatever happens during the time Donna and Donnie are together doesn't have to be discussed with us.

Marcus and I go to the media room and turn on the T.V. Marcus flips through the channels but finds nothing interesting. I look through the movies and find nothing we want to watch. We are bored. I wish the evening would come soon. I wish I could be with Tonya all day.

I call Tonya and talk for about 20 minutes. I end by promising her all kinds of intense sexual sensations when we get together tonight. She says that she has plans for me too. Even at this early hour and having been with her last night, I got a hard on when talking with her.

"Now who's getting hard," laughs Marcus.

"Yes, and it's a quarter inch longer than yours," I tease back.

"It's about 4 inches longer than me now," he observes since this is a rare occasion where he isn't stiff as a corn stalk between Dorothy's legs as she runs through the field in Oz. Of course, the Scarecrow fucks her first to relieve her tension from arriving in Oz. Then the Tin Man uses his axe handle between her legs to satisfy her. Finally, the Cowardly Lion uses his amazing tail to tickle her pussy before inserting his tongue between her legs. She cried when she left all that fun in Oz.

Donna calls Marcus again, "My father just told me that my aunt and uncle are arriving early. They will be here this afternoon. They took less time than expected to drive here."

"Damn. So I guess I won't see you for three days?" resigns Marcus.

"I'm not sure if they are still leaving Thursday morning or not," she says.

"Can you come over and stay with us until he comes?" Marcus pleads like a kid begging for candy in the checkout line in a supermarket.

"I don't have time. I better stay here and help get things ready for them. We have a meal to prepare, and I have to help Diane clean," she says. Diane is Donna's step-mom.

"Okay. Just call me when you can," says Marcus showing a lot of disappointment as he ends the conversation.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"Donnie's coming today, not tomorrow," he says.

"Geezus fucking Christ," I say as I take up a banner for Marcus.

"Well, that blows tonight," says Marcus.

"Fucking damn. We are stuck here until Thursday. What a busted week," I say, but I regret my words immediately. Why didn't I put a more positive spin on it for Marcus' sake? I think quickly and try to recover the moment.

"Well look on the bright side. We don't have school. We can talk to the girls on the phone. Hell, full hd xvideo download we can search the internet for clothes for you. And if you stay here at night, I'm not letting you beat off in my bed, so you will be extra horny by the time you see Donna," I console him.

Damn, I could have been smoother to start with instead of feeding him more reason to be sad. I wish I could kick myself. Fuck, I'm not perfect, but I should have known to be more positive.

"It's OK. I know you are trying to cheer me up. Maybe the week will pass fast," he says.

The damn little biatch picks up on my lame attempts at making him feel better. I really feel bad for him. I am amazed at the maturity coming from this guy. As I said before, there is more than meets the eye with him. Also, as I sensed, he is a bit more concerned about Donna being with Donnie than he wants to show.

Gawd damn, does Donna really have to fuck Donnie? Now, I'm feeling a bit skeptical of Donna's devotion to Marcus, but I'm not going to express my opinion. I am surprised at feeling a little anger toward Donna. How can I feel that way? Donna is truthful, open, and has done everything for Marcus and me. Should I judge her intentions? I just feel like shit at the moment, and Marcus must feel worse. I want Donna to be happy but not at Marcus' expense. Damn, damn, and double damn.

The morning drags on. I use my laptop to browse around some websites, and Marcus uses my gaming computer. Marcus reads some facebook stuff, and I look at Gamestop online. We browse through Shopstyle at clothes. I tell him to look for button fly trousers without zippers. Now I feel a little girly shopping free porn movies download for clothes with someone else, but it passes the time.

We make some sandwiches in the afternoon and decide to watch the extended version of Avatar. It's a long movie, and we can lose ourselves in the story in order to pass the time. About an hour into the movie, Donna calls.

"Donnie's here," she tells Marcus.

"Ok," says Marcus.

"We've been talking for an hour," she says.

Now what the fuck is Marcus supposed to say back? Damn.

He fakes being amused, "Anything you wanna tell me, or is it on a need-to-know basis?"

"I told him about all of us and especially about you," she says.

"So what's gonna happen now?" he asks.

"Well, before tonight comes, he wants to meet you," she says.

Marcus is a little astonished and asks, "He wants to see me?"

"Yes. He just wants to talk to you before we go to bed," she says.

I'm thinking, well gawd damn. What the fuck is this about? This is a little bit much for Marcus in my opinion. Why did Donna say anything about us? Why did she tell Donnie about Marcus? I mean, Marcus is handling things pretty well, but isn't this a little over-the-top? Damn.

"Diane and my dad said that both you guys and Tonya are invited to dinner. We can talk afterwards. I'll pick you guys up at five and get you home early," Donna explains.

That's just nice. We eat and get dumped back home early so that Donna can fuck Donnie while Marcus and I get blue balls. We will be horny all week. Marcus looks a bit bewildered.

"We're going to dinner at Donna's house," says in a daze.

"I heard. It's OK with me," I say. "Especially since my /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad won't be here tonight."

Marcus says under his breath, "Damn. I didn't want to meet him. My parents know I'm with you tonight, so there is no problem."

Well that's just great. Donna wants us to meet Donnie and then drop us off early? Tonya will be left out too. Well, I'm going along in order to back up Marcus, but I don't like the way this is playing out. At first it was just supposed to be Donna not being available for a couple days, and Marcus would not know. Now, it evolves to a complex, complicated, and convoluted mess. I am uncomfortable to put it mildly. It totally sucks, but Donnie is the only one getting sucked for the next three days.

Marcus and I thought we would be with Donna and Tonya tonight for one last intimate, snuggly, fun-filled evening ending with our dicks shooting /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum in our girls' pussies and not a dinner with Donna's relatives and parents. We shower and prepare ourselves like we always do, but we are less enthusiastic. Marcus is usually a little quiet, but he says nothing as he finishes spiking his hair.