Confession of an exhibitionist Part 3

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Confession of an exhibitionist Part 3

I am so sorry, Jim...I just cant help myself. I somehow get this thrill and excitement from showing myself off to strangers. Didnt know that the last person, John was a person that knows you and I. If you forgive me, I will never do it again!

Jim was quiet...probably thinking. Angela, I will forgive you...but I am kinda of excited now thinking that you expose yourself to strangers. Jim suddenly grabbed Angela and started grabbing her breasts in a passionate way. Their kitchen curtains were opened and he didnt care...he held her...and swept all the utensils from the kitchen table and pushed Angela onto the table and ripped off her dress...the buttons popping out one by one...he ripped off her filmsy bra and panties. Angela was initially shocked but...go very excited and started to respond in kind. She unzip Jims trousers carefully, because his 9.5 inch dick was already erected...out pop the penis and he rammed in into her already /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy...in full view of next door neighbour houses. Fuck me Jim ...fuck me hard. She was also looking out the window occassionally, seeing whether any neighbour was watching...that makes her even more ecstatic.

Jim was like a stud plowing away in her pussy for 15 minutes...Angela came twice...with orgasm that she has not ever experience with Jim...ever! It was so exciting...Jim suddenly stopped and he took out his dick and sprayed his come all over Angela...it was more than normal...Jim just fall on top of Angela for a few minutes, gathering his breath. It probably was aggressive sex...and was not the same Jim that Angela knows...he was so different. Probably knowing his prim and proper wife is a tart after all, showing her pussy to strangers without him knowing it. He probably likes it now.

He finally got up. Darling, I will forgive you...but please do not stop being an exhibitionist on my account. I kinda like the idea but did not want to raise it before cos you might not like the idea. But...you did do it behind my back and I am disappointed.

To ask my forgiveness, there will be two things that you will need to do for me. No buts....is it a deal! Sheepishly, Angela said yes. I do not want to hear any argument from you, you hear. Angela again nod her head.

Tomorrow, I want you to wear your skimpy clothes and and watch my bowling mates play. And I want you to flirt with them like you normally do. Angela tried to interject...but they are your friends...Jim said ahhhh...no buts!

So next day, Angela obediently but more than willing change into her translucent blouse, no bra, tight skirts, no panty and sexy high heels. Jim loves her high heels and normally prefer her to wear it while they have /wild/wild-sex/">wild sex...

She was thinking about this the whole morning...and was really getting excited now that she is going stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to do this...this time with Jim knowing it...she just cant help herself and her finger starts to rub her own clit when Jim was not watching.

Off they went bowling. Jim has been mates with the 4 friends for ages. They go everywhere together. Today, Jim is going to give his 4 friends his prize, his wife. Angela is not aware of this yet! She is now the hunted, not the hunter.

She did her thing in the bowling alley, cross her legs, showing off her clean shaven, shiny pussy to Jims mates. Jim pretends he is not watching...but he got abit excited himself. That didnt do much to his bowling score. He knows that his mates will strike it lucky tonight.

She was getting into it...accidently exposing her nipples by ending down to tie her shoe lace or pick up a tissue that she accidentally dropped. The men were getting excited. John, one of Jims buddy who caught Angela flashing to him previously, knew of Angelas obsession to being an exhibitionist...the others dont. John was staring at Angela all the time...blowing kisses to her...

Angela was getting very wet...she wish she could take Jim aside and let him have his way on her...but it was so crowded that night, and jim was so caught up with his bowling. His friends did not..they were caught up in watching Angelas pussy and nipples. They probably think Jims wife is a tart, and rightly so.

The game was over. and Angela thought now I can have Jim to myself when we get home. She will probably fuck his brains out, making her do this and getting all wet.

Suddenly Jim told Angela that he is inviting his mates home for a drink. Angela was disappointed.

At his home, Jim was in the lounge drinking beer with his mates, while Angela went to their bedroom to change. It was an excuse, she actually was go to find her dildo. She was frigging herself on the bed, while suddenly the door open and all the men including Jim were watching her. She was completely naked except for her high heels and ribbon around her hair...and her dildo that is in her pussy. She quickly tried to cover herself...and the dildo came off and fell to the ground. John white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie quickly went forward and quickly picked up the dildo...it was all wet with Angelas love juice. She lay under the blanket, quite embarrassed...and blurted out...at least knock before you guys come in.

John look at Jim with the dildo in his hand. He asked Jim whether he gives him permission to lick it. Jim nodded. Angela was shocked yet excited.

John started licking the dildo. What is going on, Angela asked.

Well, my friends like the way you acted in the bowling alley and would like more. Do you want that ?

Before she could answer...one by one, the boys took off their clothes and surrounded her. Five long dicks staring at her. How could she refuse? She instinctively grabbed two, and John without hesitation has forced his into her pussy, pumping away. Angela sucked Jims dick. She was having a ride of her life. She was getting extremely wet and horny. All she can say is please fuck me, over and over again.

The men took turns to fuck her...twice. By the end of the night, she was taken so many times, she can be certified as a tart. Come were everywhere, in her mouth, face, breast, pussy, legs. Finally, Jim told Angela, my last wish if for me to have /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex with you in front of my friends. He penetrated her virgin anus...she never had such orgasm in her life. She came three times while Jim blow his load into it. She was complete that night! What an adventure she had.

She whispered to Jim. Will you forgive me now. Jim said Yes. But...I want more adventure from you next time. More brazen acts.
Angela thought....mmmmmmm...while rubbing her now sore but satisfied pussy.